Power Forward

Power Forward with PSO

Save Money with J&J Burk and the Power Forward
Rebate Program

J&J Burk is one of only a few dealers in the State that’s qualified by Power Forward, and this program is for a limited time only.

Power Forward is an innovative suite of energy-efficiency services offered by PSO. Serving residents and businesses across Oklahoma, it helps customers save money while improving
the comfort, safety and attractiveness of indoor environments. And it’s available right here at
J&J Burk.

PSO Qualified Dealer

Benefits of the Power Forward Program at J&J Burk

  • Instant Savings
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Energy Efficiency

With Power Forward, you will cut costs and create a more energy efficient home. You can save thousands of dollars, and you won’t even have to wait on a rebate! The savings come off, right
up front. That means Big Savings NOW on the best equipment, and lower energy bills for years to come.

If your energy bills are too high (and who’s aren’t?), contact J&J Burk and use the Power Forward program today.

I had a complete home system installed ( Furnace ,AC, new Duct work) Jay and his crew were simply amazing, from start to finish. Jay cut our utility bills by 50 plus percent, The power companies home inspector was amazed, at our new numbers for the whole house survey. I strongly recommend if you need a contractor you can trust and superior work- call Jay
-Frank Thibodeau"
Power Forward at J&J Burk

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